When I was starting my business,  I remember spending hours and hours searching for "how to do..." or "how to do that" because I didn't have anyone to go to that was accessible--that's until I got connected to experts.

My progress in business was much slower than it could've been. 

Youtube is great, but it's hard to know what's outdated, or when significant steps are missing when you're new to a topic--that's where consistently maintained courses, access to a community, and custom and tailored feedback stands superior.

When you can access constantly updated courses and a mentor or someone whose done what you want to do, whether that's:

  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Build a high traffic website
  • Get your first sale online
  • Make a full-time income online
  • Hone in on your actual business idea
  • Create a brand that resonates
  • Become more disciplined
  • Get motivated
  • Balance family and personal life better so you can build a business
  • Or, whatever it is that's stopping you

You'll move much faster.

Having a mentor is like being able to push the gas pedal towards your dream. It's like going from 0 MPH to 100 MPH towards your goals! I guarantee that.

I can't say upgrading your How to Entrepreneur membership is 100% for you because being honest, we're not for everyone, but I think you should give us a shot at working together.

Throw us one question that will prove to you we can help you start your business or get you from where you are. If we can't help you, we may not be a good fit. If we can, upgrade to Enterprise Builder Premium membership. Hahahaha.

Fair? Post your one question here. Pick a good one and leave it below.

I'll respond to your questions and let's see what you think.

Tiffany Denise